Fall weather is here and there are so many opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the crisp cool air. Fall brings many people into “clean up” mode. We find ourselves getting our homes and yards ready for winter. Chores such as yard work, garage and basement cleanouts, and purging unwanted items are all on the list. These tasks can take a toll on our bodies so it is vitally important to maintain proper posture and body mechanics while performing these chores so not to injure your back.

Keep these few simple steps to ensure your back doesn’t bear the brunt of your lifting.

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Bend at the knees and tighten your core abdominal muscles to help keep your back straight.
  3. Keep your head upright and use your legs to lift any object (especially heavy items) and keep it close to your body.
  4. If the object is too heavy, employ help from a family member of neighbor.

fall_in_airYardwork like raking leaves which requires a lot of twisting and bending while lifting is an example of the increased potential to cause back injuries. It is however, great exercise so just be sure to

  • Warm up your muscles before you start
  • Switch hand from time to time
  • Rake in sections and take breaks
  • Don’t fill the leaf bags too heavy

Use good lifting techniques when moving bags
So get outside, enjoy the weather, and get organized in your home. Be sure to follow these tips to prevent injuries and sore muscles. As always, if you need to get your achy back and muscles in order, come see us atAmerican Chiropractic Health so we can help you feel better faster! 410-821-7200.