Here’s how to manage dry skin in the winter

Did you know??

Cracked cuticles are the fastest gateway to getting sick during cold and flu season?

You should drink water before you get thirsty?

Fruit and vegetables contribute to your hydration in the day? Make sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables!

It acts as a body purifier?

It is vital for the function and comfort for your nerves around sore joints and muscles?

Read more below for additional details.


Drinking water on an empty stomach can purify the gut and improve the function of other systems. The benefits of drinking water begin in the digestive phase.

  • Water helps in the gut by converting food to energy.
  • Water transports nutrients and oxygen to cells.
  • It removes waste.
  • Drinking water helps with weight loss by boosting your metabolism by up to 24% in the morning.
Cracked Cuticles and Dry Skin

The process of improving nutrient to cell transport starts at the digestive stage. In this process, it carries more oxygen to cells, even skin cells! As water transports these anti-aging and hydrating compounds, it also will clean blood in the process. Water will clean out toxins surrounding tiny capillaries that lie on the surface of skin. While it has anti aging properties and can keep your skin glowing and clear- it will prevent the occurrence of cracked cuticles and dry skin on your hands.

Since your hands and feet are the last to receive H2O and the first to interact with cold and flu germs, it is crucial that you drink enough water to prevent sickness!

Immune Function

After digestion and absorption phases of drinking water, it improves lymph function by clearing out toxins and making way for active lymph cells. This newly cleared battle ground allows lymph cells to work on infection at onset rather than after your body is showing symptoms of a healthy virus or bacteria growing inside.

Dr. Stuckey recommends that you drink plenty of water to maintain the neuro-immune function in your central nervous system. He also says that regular chiropractic checkups can improve the hydration flow among the nerves running through your spinal chord.

The most important thing to remember about hydration is to drink before your body tells you that you are thirsty. The urge to drink water is usually a sign it is already too late- now if you are feeling dehydrated, then you really are too late.

How to check if you are under hydrating:

  • Check the color of your urine, is it a pale yellow color?
    • If it is clear, you are over hydrating and not flushing out toxins. You are likely losing vital electrolytes and not any of the nasty environmental and chemical stressors that we want to flush out.
    • If it is dark yellow then you are not hydrated enough and you are still not clearing out enough toxins, which will re enter your system if you do not effectively flush them all out. These toxins will continue to pose negative stress on the body which can make you sick, or lead to illnesses like cancer.
  • Pinch the skin on the top of your hand, how quickly does it bounce back?
    • If it bounces back very quickly then you are properly hydrating. Is your skin still dry? Then you may be agitating the outer dermal layers with everyday activities like washing hands too frequently or doing yard work in the cold without gloves. This is a good time to invest in a good moisturizer!
    • If it stays in a slight teepee shape on your hand, then you are very dehydrated. Remember that your hands are the last thing to receive hydration and the first to give up water to hydrate other parts of the body, so it is a good indicator of your hydration levels.


** If your urine indicates that you are very hydrated AND your skin indicates that it is dry, then your gut may lack electrolytes necessary for absorbing water in the first place. Thus, hydration begins in the digestive phase. How do you fix this? Easy! Sodium, Potassium an Calcium are necessary electrolytes for this process. You can either purchase a mineral water or add a small pinch of salt to your water!